Building the Ship at Sea

In Quantum Physics there is a theory called the ‘Observer Effect’ where the observer looks upon the invisible energy field and the effect of the observer viewing causes the wave of energy to collapse into particles and materializes into matter, so that the unseen becomes seen.

With that thought I began to see something Virginia always says about us that we are building a ship at sea. A ship at sea has no reliance upon land and is totally at the mercy, so to speak, of the sea. The mercy is our God and what He has fashioned us to build and become. We are being built to His blueprint that is not found in earth or its world system. As we build, we cannot rely on the provision of what is found on land but, by faith, we wait as the energy field of our God sends provision. As we gaze upon this energy, it materializes before our eyes and then we have the substance to continue to add to our ship, and so continue to build. The unseen becomes seen.

We are not like builders whose provision is all right there in our storehouses (but by faith they are) with completely clear blueprints to follow. However all that we have need of is in heaven and our access as sons gets us into the inner chamber of His heart where we see His plan for creation and how we can co labor with Him in the bringing forth of His will. There is something within man that wants the certainty of land beneath his feet. Going on an ocean voyage is exciting and wonderful, but after a while of gazing only at water, people tend to want the stability of the earth beneath their feet. We must be careful not to keep looking for land but rejoice in the journey He has for us upon the sea of His will.

I believe there is a reason that God our creator and made this earth and our bodies’ design over 70% water to land mass.

So Father, we trust in You, the provision that You send and the directives that You give. We gaze through Your eyes and rejoice in the calling to build Your heart’s desire at sea.

-Andree Bienvenue

Photo by Jamie Morrison on Unsplash