Here To Hear

All Things Restored is in a season of seeing our heart’s desire manifest, as our community is beginning to truly function as an ecclesia… a governmental body ruling and reigning from heaven to earth. It has taken quite some time to break the “spectator mentality” … Continue readingHere To Hear

Building the Ship at Sea

In Quantum Physics there is a theory called the ‘Observer Effect’ where the observer looks upon the invisible energy field and the effect of the observer viewing causes the wave of energy to collapse into particles and materializes into matter, so that the unseen becomes … Continue readingBuilding the Ship at Sea

chaos to beauty

As Hurricane Dorian attempted to pass through Jacksonville, I chose, with intent, to engage with God from my place of Oneness with Him… to interact with the wind… to reach into the center of the chaos and co-create by pulling out beauty and life. What … Continue readingchaos to beauty