chaos to beauty

As Hurricane Dorian attempted to pass through Jacksonville, I chose, with intent, to engage with God from my place of Oneness with Him… to interact with the wind… to reach into the center of the chaos and co-create by pulling out beauty and life. What a powerful NOW moment! As I sat outside, listening with my spiritual senses, the winds from the hurricane engaged with me. “Wind walker walk with me. We can dance around the edges of this beautiful chaos, go higher into the atmosphere and look down upon the whole hurricane, twirl inside the streams of violent praise in the bands, or enter the center of the eye where stillness and peace reside. You can choose.” The winds began to play with my hair, lifting it and twirling it playfully about. The wind circled around my being reminding me that I am in the very center of the breath of Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey. I Am centered with Him. I Am peace and stillness amongst the surrounding bands of His breath. I was reminded of Virginia Sullivent Killingsworth’s song, ‘Wind Dancer,’ and saw my spirit rise upward, spinning, twirling, dancing, allowing the wind to move me as one with its flow. From below me, I could see the full scope of the massive hurricane. From above me, I saw the light of the sun turn to the light of the SON and felt His warmth kiss my cheeks. As He drew nearer, He extended His left hand and I placed my right hand in His, partnering as One for this dance. Together, we were now One light being, spinning and moving as we orbited from above the storm. We darted to and fro as we desired, commanding the movements of the wind to fall in alignment with our movements. With one elegant dip, I reached my right hand and touched the swirling clouds, scooping up a portion and then holding it over Our head to pour out refreshing waters upon us; our Oneness. Some of the clouds responded to the scooping hand of desire and lifted that section of the clouds upward, away from the earth. It responded to our touch. We focused on the eye of the hurricane and dove headfirst with great speed into it. Then we floated once inside on the weightlessness of perfect peace in the center. As the breath of Father inhaled (Yod) and then exhaled (Hey), Oneness simultaneously inhaled Father’s breath (Vav) and exhaled (Hey) from our lips with a groan over creation. The response was the bands of winds and clouds from the center eye toward the outer bands of the hurricane forming a stairway, like a colosseum. Our Oneness stepped onto the rising stairway easily scaling to the top of the lifting outer bands. The cone of outer bands went from uncertain and unorganized chaos to certainty and beautiful understanding. From this vantage point, our Oneness could see from the outer bands of the cone down into the beauty of the center eye of peace and stillness. Like looking at a deep well of water, Oneness looked into the stillness of the water like a mirror, reflecting the pure light of the Son. Oneness then reached into the center of the stillness and cupped our hand to draw out a drink that was offered to our lips to taste and see His goodness. As the refreshing water flowed from lips to belly, the rivers flowing out of our belly reflected the rainbow light arcing from Oneness to the earth. The magnified colors were particles of dust from the fiery stones in Father’s heart. Yes, we are light beings, perhaps like the gold dust of the ground from the Garden of Eden, but a deeper look reveals that the rainbow light reflecting from Father’s heart is from the fiery stones. As our Oneness cupped a portion of the rainbow, closer inspection with our eyes showed tiny, perfectly cut diamond like gemstones that carry the promise of life and spirit like an arc from Father’s heart to the earth. Perfectly blended together like the promise of the spotless, victorious Bride of Christ. Lifting the gems to our lips, the sensation of tasting these colors electrically charged every cell inside of our being. Every cell came alive in sensory overload! It was an arc between the shadow of an earthly faded identity and the true identity of our spirit before time began, a converting point back to original intent. Though still One with Christ, I could now see Jesus’ face in front of me. His pools of deep blue eyes acknowledging that reality of identity into revelation. Through the lenses of His eyes, I could see the colors of my eyes reflecting the many colors of the rainbow. The voices from the winds sounded like mighty, rushing waters and whispers at the same time. I could focus in on the voices of Justice and Righteousness. In Oneness, through the lens of His eyes of beauty, we reached into the stream of Justice and pulled out Mercy. It had form in our hand and was very light, kind of like holding a large marshmallow, yet not solid. The particles that make up Mercy (love, understanding, grace, repentance, forgiveness) began to glisten like diamond dust and sprinkle upon the earth. I then saw the image of a white flower representing Righteousness and the yellow gift of pollen being blown by the winds down to the earth causing a fertilization that would take place upon impact. The yellow “Righteousness, pollen” covered Jacksonville, FL and its surrounding region like a blanket and continued to expand outwardly across the east coast and nation. There was now one set of footprints in the yellow pollen. I knew in my spirit that the one set of footprints walking were the sons operating in Oneness and in unity with Jesus and each other. At first, each footprint looked like an indentation on the yellow carpet of pollen and then would change to a full garden of green foliage, flowers and growth. Like a ripple effect from the impact of the frequency of each footprint, the lush growth of new life extended outwardly, filling in the entire yellow carpet of pollen – abundance, impact expansion. God has been talking to me about these three words all year long. Our Oneness will co-create a footprint that will impact the earth/creation and expand with abundance. His kingdom is Abundance. I Am Abundance because of my inheritance in Him. His kingdom is Impacting. I Am Impact and am placing a demand upon creation. His kingdom is ever-expanding. I Am Expansion and a part of the Restoration of All Things.

-Heide Zuckschwerdt