Come and Behold Him

Live, spontaneous worship from All Things Restored!

This song is an invitation to turn your attention to the heavenly realm where you are seated with Christ, to come up higher, far above all the things that distract, to behold Him face to face.  

Come and be changed into His likeness, as you become what you behold!  You don’t have to clean yourself up to come.  That’s what the cross was all about.  So, run boldly into the throne of grace.  

Come and behold the Lamb…. beautiful, glorious, irresistible, everything you’ve dreamed of, everything you need, everything you crave. 

The Father longs to tabernacle with you, to make His home in you…. making you a carrier of His glory!  

  • Edited and Mixed by Todd Luschen
  • Vocals:  Kiel Burns, Virginia Killingsworth
  • Drums:  Tyler Barnhart
  • Guitar:  Todd Luschen
  • Bass:  Ed Tucker