Eyes And Wings

During the night, I woke up as I was asking God to open my spiritual eyes so I could see the spiritual realm more clearly. I instantly knew that an awareness of all realms and dimensions is what Adam fell from… into a tiny, limited, earth-bound consciousness. I knew that if we could only see TRUE REALITY, there would be absolutely no fear, doubt, unbelief or struggle. Just like Elisha’s servant in 2 Kings 6, we would see that there are far more for us than are against us, and we would stand and watch one glorious victory after another. … Continue readingEyes And Wings

The Glory Of The Secret Place

In this place of safety, you do not need to worry about evil attacking you at night or arrows wounding you during the day. You do not need to fear demonic assignments of disease. God will not allow the destroyer (Revelation 9:11) to devour you or to bring devastation during your time of blessing. Even during times when innumerable people are perishing around you, you will remain unharmed. You will see judgment released upon those who have chosen to partake in injustice and oppression. … Continue readingThe Glory Of The Secret Place