Familiar Spirits and Lion Faces

In recent months, we have been pressing in, co-laboring with the Lord in the healing and restoration of our souls.  We have learned the importance of allowing Him to heal our emotional wounds and to “transform us by the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:2).  These emotions, wounds and ungodly beliefs form the stronghold in which demonic spirits seek to reside.  But, in order to know how to deal effectively with them, we must not confuse their voices with our own.  Often, familiar spirits speak in the first person.  If they have been passed down to us generationally, they are all we have ever known, and so we do not realize they are not actually our own thoughts and feelings.
So, what is the strategy for defeating these spirits and walking in the victory Jesus purchased for us at the cross?  First, we must yield to Him, appropriating His healing and liberating work to the strongholds in our soul.  Then, we must ask the Holy Spirit to help us discern and recognize whether we are dealing with our own thoughts or a demonic entity.  Most often, we are actually dealing with both.  And so we will need to receive healing for our emotions and truth for our minds.  Then, we must deal ruthlessly with these demonic spirits… because we have been given all authority!
Recently, during worship, the Father sent fiery heavenly beings with lion faces to come and place on each person who was willing a lion face of their own.  We received the grace and strength to rule and reign… over our own beings, over the forces of darkness that seek to hinder us and over this earth that God has given us to steward.
So, join us by faith now and receive your roar!

Jesus, thank You for Your finished work on the cross.  I receive Your healing and Your freedom into every area of my soul and into my physical body.  Holy Spirit, You are the Spirit of Truth who lives inside of me, guiding me into all truth.  I ask You to give  me discernment and to help me learn to recognize the voice of the enemy so that I don’t believe the lies.  And Father, right now, I receive the lion face and the lion nature You are giving to me, so that I can rule and reign with You.  Into my life and into the earth I roar:  “Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!”