Into The Mountain

In a recent encounter, I see that I am riding on a horse on the plain at a rapid speed. I can see the Mountain of the Lord, and it has a purple hue, with thunder and lightning in the short distance. I see many camped at the base of the mountain, but I don’t stop. I continue to gallop to the Mountain. I sense some who are camped are afraid to go closer to the Mountain. But, I can’t help it. I am being drawn to the Mountain like a moth to a flame. As I approach the Mountain, I see a hidden entrance. It opens for me, and I go into the Mountain.  

I ask, “Why am I going inside the Mountain? Why am I not going up on the outside surface?” I hear in response, “Why do you assume there’s only one way I’d lead you up the Mountain? The journey you are on is one of unexpected surprises. My ways aren’t your ways….” 

I look around in the cavern of the Mountain. I see sparkling jewels of red, green, blue and bright lights (similar to LED lights). I begin to continue my ascension of the mountain following a clearly marked path.

On the path, I walk past many doors. Strangely, I’m not overly curious about what’s behind the doors. I’m focused on getting to the top of this mountain.

“The path you are on is a fast track. There is much to show you. There is much to learn.”

Jesus is the only Way, the Truth, the Life. When we go our own way instead of the path Jesus puts before us, we set ourselves up for trouble. Laying down our own sense of direction and following Him saves us a tremendous amount of headache and heartbreak. In fact, going our own way is rebellion-even with good intentions.

Now I understand why I saw the door/entrance to the inside of the Mountain. It was a test to see if I would follow Holy Spirit and go through the door or go up the Mountain the way it made sense in my mind.

I hear Holy Spirit chuckling, “I told you I was going to challenge everything you thought you knew!”

As I look around, I realize I’ve made it to the top of the mountain with ease and little effort. I am inside Father’s heart. I throw my head back and laugh. I am happiness. I am peace. I am contentment. I am love. I am learning. I am ascended. I am One with my Father.

-Natasha Cooksey

We hope that this encounter has encouraged you on your own journey up the mountain, into His heart…
-All Things Restored

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