Today is the first day of the month of Tishri.  It is the 7th month (completion, fullness), and the tribe associated with this month is Ephraim (fruitfulness, multiplication). It is the month of the fall feasts, which are all about returning to God and experiencing His Glory. It is very interesting that the Hebrew letter for this month is “lamed,” (which Angie saw two weeks ago). Lamed is the only letter that reaches up to God, and many of the Hebrew words starting with lamed convey “divine understanding”. Now we know why the angel of Enlightenment came into our corporate gathering last week, pouring out wisdom and understanding from the lights of the 7 Spirits of God.

-Andree Bienvenue

During Intercession before the Saturday 9/10/16 night service, I was quietly praying for the LORD to take us deeper into the dimensions of the Hebrew alphabet. Immediately, I started seeing this vision: I was walking down a forgotten hallway in an ancient underground tunnel holding a torch to light the way. I saw doors on both sides of the hallway. On each door was one Hebrew letter. Then, I saw a being coming towards me. He was the letter LAMED. He was in the shape of the letter Lamed and he could speak like a person. He acted as my guide and invited me into his “room”. So I entered. It looked like children’s classroom, with at least 5 different learning styles, one for each of the 5 senses. He told me that I could learn more about the letter Lamed in many different ways: through touching fabrics in the shape of the Lamed, through drinking a Lamed drink, through eating the letter, through hearing the letter and through smelling the Lamed. I knew the point was that the letter was versatile and that all of the letters were this same way. I shared this with the Intercessors and we all began to search out what the letter Lamed represents. We found:

  • A staff; a shepherd’s rod; a wooden stick used to prod animals along.
  • It’s the 12th letter of the alphabet  (12 = divine government)
  • Its numerical value is 30. At age 30, Yeshua started his public ministry. Similarly, the time is NOW for the sons of God to manifest.
  • It’s the heart of the Hebrew alphabet

During the worship service at least 2 people saw themselves holding staffs. Then, Sean did a teaching on the word SHALOM (spelled shin, lamed, mem), and he invited these living letters to come and dwell among us and teach us the meaning of shalom. Very interesting that the middle letter is lamed.

The next day, I researched more about the letter lamed and found out:

  • It’s the tallest letter. It reaches above the line. This signifies the aspiration of the heart to reach higher than this realm and into heaven.
  • The Hebrew word for heart is lamed, bet. It starts with a lamed.
  • It means “to TEACH”

So no wonder this was the first letter that encountered me in answer to my prayer to go into the deeper dimensions of the Hebrew living letters. I think the LORD sent “Lamed” to us as a sign that He intends to teach us this upcoming year more about the Hebrew letters & dimensions. This will happen as we reach high, like Lamed, into the spirit realm and engage with the Living Word.

Shalom to you all! I pray He breathes on all of us and I am excited about this upcoming month!

-Angie Rineck