Our Freedom

We are given freedom in Christ – not for ourselves, but so that we can be His bondservants, ones who voluntarily choose to serve and honor Him (I Peter 2:16, Romans 6:18-22, Galatians 5: & 13). We are free from sin so that we can obey Him.  And when we are given freedom in worship, it is not for ourselves, but so that we are free to submit to Him and to do His pleasure.  It’s not so the we can have a fun time – although we always do. It is so we can encounter Him, hitting the  mark of all that is on His heart for us as individuals and as a corporate body.

As we continue to grow and mature, developing greater sensitivity both to His Spirit and to each other, we will become more and more synchronized to His purposes and to His heart – a precision operation, birthing heaven upon the earth.