Running With The Horses

Did you know that “Your destiny is wrapped up in the same package as the resistance to that destiny!”?  It is a spiritual law that we cannot have one without the other.  
Why?  First, it is simply because “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy”  (John 10:10).  Any seed is most vulnerable and most easily aborted while still in the womb.  And so it is with our destiny and those promises of God that have not yet manifested in the earth realm.  They exist in reality, in the realm of the Spirit and in the womb of faith.  But during this time, we must guard our promises faithfully, not sacrificing them on the altar of doubt or discouragement, comfort or convenience.
The second source of hardship is one we do not often recognize:  Father God, working behind the scenes, allowing resistance to sift through His strong and loving hands, with the goal of strengthening us.  Without this process of preparation, we will not be strong enough to properly steward that promise when it comes, and will then be judged accordingly.  And so, this resistance weeds out those who are not willing to pay the price and strengthens those who persevere.  Sadly, because the western church has been conformed to a culture of ease and self-gratification more than to the true and often mysterious ways of God, many misunderstand the dual purpose of hardship.  Suffering actually reveals and refines our hearts, preparing us to handle, with maturity and selflessness, the things of greatness the Father has waiting for each of us, His children.
If you have been walking through some resistance lately, take heart!  The Father has had much to say on the topic, and is cheering us on!  He recently encouraged us with the following word:

 “For each person called to the forefront of My army during this season, I am allowing a personal battleground–something tailor-made for each individual–over which you must be victorious.  You must overcome first in this place.  You must grow strong enough to lead others into battle and to fight in the Spirit realm.
Do not succumb to the lies, or feel that I have forsaken you.  Do not become discouraged, as if your prayers are in vain.  Though it is in My power to remove these obstacles from before you, it is in your best interest that they remain, so that you are able to grow strong.
Revelation 12:11, ‘And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.’  You cannot be an overcomer without having something to overcome.
First, ask My Spirit of Truth to help you identify your enemy.  Then seek Me for the strategy.  Then stand firm.
You are not failing, but are becoming strong. This season is not about ‘deliverance from’ but about walking through… about overcoming!”

Recently, during a time of prayer for All Things Restored, one of the intercessors felt impressed by God to run around the building, not knowing why.  The following day, the Father revealed to her that we were prophetically acting out Jeremiah 12:5, “If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses?  And if in the land of peace, in which you trusted, they wearied you, then how will you do in the floodplain of the Jordan?”
The Lord then began to speak, asking us if we really knew the magnitude of what we are contending for and if we really thought that these things would come without resistance.  For All Things Restored, the answers were obvious. We are saying yes to the restoration of all the realms and dimensions that were lost to Adam and that were given back to us in Christ.  Many of these places have been usurped by those walking in darkness, and yet we know they belong to the children of God and were purchased by the precious blood of the Lamb.  Of course, there will be resistance to the shift that is taking place!  The same is true for the destiny of each individual or Body of Believers on the earth today.  The magnitude of the calling necessitates massive preparation!
James 4:7 tells us to submit to God, while resisting the devil.  By posturing our hearts and praying in this way during times of adversity, we are allowing God to grow us to maturity, while refusing to come into agreement with the lies of the enemy or receiving anything that is from his hand.  We do not need to “lean on our own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5-6), but can simply rest, relying upon the indwelling Spirit of Truth (John 16:13) to sort it all out.
Throughout human history, Satan has unleashed destruction upon mankind, gambling that they will sell their birthright, and yet knowing that, if they refuse, he will regret his part in accomplishing the plans and purposes of our God (I Corinthians 2:8, Romans 8:28).
So, if you have been hesitant to walk through doors of destiny or have not responded to the spiritual hunger for more within you because it was difficult or inconvenient or because you didn’t understand this strengthening process, now is the time to say YES and to begin to advance.  If you have been easily distracted or dissuaded or are feeling purposeless, now is the time to receive fresh strength and a sense of purpose and destiny from the Spirit of God.  And if you have been standing firm, be encouraged!  It will be worth it!!