Solutions For you In The Father’s Mind

I saw Father God as a Master Architect and Skilled Craftsman. His mind was truly beautiful, and in His brain were elaborate plans and thoughts toward us. Wisdom was His assistant, His “right hand man,” so to speak. She was elegant, graceful, exuberant. The Father let me open His head like a door and peek inside. It was a rush of power that was way too intense for me. Swirling inside were galaxies, dimensions, and many things I cannot describe. I reached inside and picked up what looked like a tiny grain of sand and put it in my belly, and even that tiny grain caused me to feel like I would explode! I heard “strategies for establishing.” Then a liquid, gold, honey, lava-looking substance began flowing from my mind, mouth, eyes, ears and heart. It was the strategy for establishing His praise and dominion in the earth. Two large, golden heavenly beings accompanied this flow of gold, one positioned on each side of its bank. Then I heard the Father say, “As you carry out My will, these two will accompany you. Beware of thinking too small, of limiting yourself by this natural realm or by what you see, hear, touch, feel and by what you are able to do.”

Are you facing a situation that is “impossible” in this natural realm or a dilemma that seems unsolvable? If so, rejoice. Yes, rejoice. You’ve been given the motivation and the opportunity to overcome your circumstances and to access and release heaven’s supply here in the earth realm. If you’re born again, you are one with the Creator, and you are “seated with Christ in heavenly places.” You just need to become more and more aware of your reality, so that heaven’s resources are available to you. Through the gate of your imagination, turn your attention to the realm of heaven, allowing Holy Spirit to lead you on the adventure that is also your solution. Step into your heavenly Father’s beautiful mind by simple, childlike faith and receive the flow of Divine Wisdom and empowerment. You will see with different eyes, beholding solutions that may have eluded you before. Step into the heavenly counsel chamber designed specifically for your situation and receive all that you need to walk in victory. These counsel rooms are just a few of the “many mansions” in the Father’s heart. It really is His good pleasure to give us His kingdom… so step right in!

-Virginia Killingsworth