Sparks Flying Upward

While worshipping, I saw the top of a chimney with a spark flying upward in a spiral, higher and higher, heavenward. I knew by the Spirit that His refining fire had consumed me, and that the ashes were all that remained of my dreams and agendas.  What was left was a tiny spark that couldn’t help but to fly upward in an invisible current to heavenly places.  I was surrounded by billowy smoke that protected me and kept the plans and purposes of God obscured from the enemy.  I soared higher and higher, effortlessly propelled through no effort of my own, in a whirlwind of sparks and smoke until I could no longer distinguish between the sparks and the stars.

If you are walking through the fire today, be encouraged, my friend.  Yield to the fire in His eyes… the fire that refines, that sets cold and weary hearts ablaze.  Yield to the upward drawing you feel, for He has set eternity in your heart and you will never be satisfied with less.  Heaven is your homeland, and Jesus – not death – is the door!  Nestle safely in the cloud of smoke that surrounds Him as you draw closer and closer.  Let Him breathe resurrection life into every hope and dream, for in the kingdom, death is always unto resurrection and ascension.  Keep that “yes” in your heart until you find yourself in the stars, looking with perfect clarity into the small, small things of earth.  Remember, you are seated with Christ in heavenly places…..