Step Through The Open Door

I heard the Father say, “There are new realms and dimensions awaiting you as you behold My face and respond to My touch. There are resources at your disposal that you will have eyes to see, as you lock eyes with Me.

Do you feel the tug of heaven upon your heart? Do you feel its frequency resonating in you – sounding strong and clear and true? Do you hear Me calling your name? Arise, My love, My fair one, and come away. I have many things to show you… many mansions in My heart. A day in My courts really is better than a thousand, and, in the light of My countenance, things of earth really will be so small. Because they are.

So come with Me and sit awhile. Leave your tasks behind. Sometimes we work and sometimes we play. And even our work is play – not the heavy yoke of fallen earth. And sometimes we just sit and enjoy each other’s company, like 2 familiar friends who no longer need words. Come abide with Me in My garden. And there I will make all things new.

You have tried to “abide” down here and of course you have been unsuccessful. This realm is subject to the prince of the power of the air and is encoded with intricate and advanced schemes to create the illusion of separation. But up here… up here, the air is clear. It’s heaven’s atmosphere. And you will ride on the wings of the wind. And you will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. And you will decree a thing and it is established.

You are called to behold My beauty, but that happens up here. Then… then, you will display Me to the world.

So, Moses, come up on the mountain. Come and see Me face to face. Come and behold the blueprint. Come and eat the scroll. Up here, in heaven’s atmosphere, is where rapid change takes place. Up here is where miracles are normal.

In past seasons, My glory came down. But now, My glory comes down through you. You are the carrier of My glory. You are My gate. Come and behold where you are seated. Come, become aware of your true home. Come and behold Me, dance with Me, lock eyes with Me. And watch earth bow to heaven, and time to eternity. For I have set eternity in your heart, and you will never be satisfied with less. Say goodbye to lower living. It’s time to step through the open door.”

-Virginia Killingsworth

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