The Council of Fathers

I saw a golden chain stretching around the earth. It resonated with the sound of heaven and emanated with the light of God. It originated from the heart of the Father and firmly wrapped around the earth, pulling it back into His heart and original design. I could feel the longing of His heart, not only for mankind to come back home, but for all of creation to be brought back into alignment. The sound coming from this chain was an integral part of the drawing power that was realigning things and was the frequency of dominion released from our voices raised in worship and in echoing the Father’s will through decreeing and co-creating with Him. The effectiveness of the chain was obviously dependent upon it staying linked together. This linking was not only unity but was also each person being firmly in their place and also being proactive in governing their own lives and what has been entrusted to them. … Continue readingThe Council of Fathers