The Coronation

For quite some time, the Lord has been very clear that we are in a season of being prepared to rule and to reign with Him.  He has given us numerous keys, such as allowing Him to heal our souls and to purge us of false judgment.  Our heart’s desire is to say yes always, holding nothing back, and to yield humbly to this deep work of preparation and maturation.
Several weeks ago, in our corporate gathering, we were led by the Holy Spirit to crown the Lord with our worship.  We saw clearly that we were placing upon Him a crown of praise in the place where the crown of thorns had been.  It was a holy moment, as He was enthroned on the praises of His people.  Then, suddenly, the atmosphere shifted as the Holy Spirit downloaded a song calling for the mature sons of God to arise and to take their place.  He was saying that, in this hour, He is tearing down kings and setting up kings, shaking those things that can be shaken so that His unshakable kingdom will remain.  And then, to our surprise, He crowned us as kings.  Like the Roman centurion who understood both having and being under authority, we began to see that true spiritual authority flows out of utter submission to the King of kings.
The following week, the Father sent the Fear of the Lord into our midst, accompanied by a tangible sense of His great mercy.  We began to realize that they are sent to us to enable us to see our shortcomings so that we can repent and come back home.  They are also sent to us to enable us to rule righteously.
Then, several weeks later, we corporately entered a realm of worship that went far beyond words or songs.  As the sound and the frequency of heaven was released in our midst, we found ourselves standing in the gate, decreeing and declaring God’s heart and His will.  We were saying yes to His love, His gifts, His mercy, His righteousness and all that He has for us.  And we were saying no to injustice and the things that grieve His heart.      Since that day, the Lord has been singing over His bride, “Isn’t she beautiful?  She is the gate of heaven!”  It is a sobering and exciting assignment that has been given to all God’s people to release His presence and His will upon the earth.  And by walking with Him in humility and intimacy, we will be well prepared to steward all that has been given to us through His shed blood.
So be encouraged… What God is doing at All Things Restored is simply a barometer of what He is doing globally.  It is available to all who truly know Him and are willing to yield to His preparation.  So, step in by faith:
Father, I submit myself to Your lordship and Your preparation, and I stand in the  place of authority that You have for me.  I receive the Fear of the Lord and a deeper revelation of Your great mercy, so that I can receive Your Truth, repent and find restoration, and so that I may rule righteously.
Today, I choose to love and accept myself and to see myself as You do:  Your gate of heaven upon the earth!  Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth, through us, Your people.