The Greatest Awakening

In a recent encounter, I nestled up close to Yeshua, laying my head on His chest, listening to the beat of His heart. He wrapped me in His garment of light, and I felt so safe, so loved, so at peace. He really is the Desire of All Nations, what every being longs for. In Him is complete satisfaction. And what a holy mystery… that we also satisfy the longing of His heart! Though He is Creator and Sustainer of all, He chooses to make Himself vulnerable to man. He chooses to be smitten by our gaze. Perhaps I will never fully understand this. But I stand amazed.

From that place of intimacy, He began to sway with me. I knew in my spirit that we were swaying to the music of the spheres, the song of the stars and of all creation as it praises the King of Kings. He began to move very strategically, placing His (therefore my) feet in specific places. I looked down and saw that it was the firmament. He was placing our feet on particular stars, planets, galaxies, star systems and other things I had never even heard of. It reminded me of when I used to wade in streams in the Ozarks as a child. I would step on certain rocks, ones that looked smooth and flat enough to stand on and ones that were in close enough proximity to each other to create a pathway. When Yeshua and I moved our “foot” toward a “space rock,” if it was out of alignment, it immediately lined up and appeared directly beneath us. So this was about dominion (taking authority over wherever we place our feet), but it was also about bringing proper alignment. And, of course, it was about intimacy. I could hear Him saying to His beloveds (all of us), “Want to go for a walk in the stars?”

Adam walked with God in the garden in the cool of the day. Did they walk here in the stars? Or has this been reserved for the born-from-above sons of God, demonstrating that the last Adam is far greater than the first Adam? The sun, moon and stars were given for “times and seasons,” so when we, from our place of oneness with God, align them, they, in turn, do the job God has given them to do: orchestrate earth events according to His will and His heart. He (and so we) are outside of time, but He does use time to “keep things organized.” And the heavenly bodies do this under our authority, as we operate under His authority. And it all starts from our place of intimacy and oneness with Jesus.

The very next day, I ended up in exactly the same place, nestled up close to Yeshua, wrapped in His beautiful garment of light. And again He asked me to walk with Him in the stars. But this day, it was fast-paced and exuberant, like a jig. We were dancing wildly and laughing… and laughing. And He just kept saying over and over, “It’s time! It’s time! It’s time!” His voice got louder each time He said it, until it was reverberating into every “corner” of creation.

I kept thinking of the old slave song, “Follow the Drinking Gord,” that was used to help slaves find their way to freedom. The “drinking gord” referred to the big dipper. So this song was a way of pointing everyone to a map in the stars that led to freedom. I heard the Lord say, “Get ready to receive songs and sounds that will point all people to My map written in the stars.” I saw songs, sounds and frequencies being released from God’s sons all over the world, going forth from their mouths in rainbow colors. The sound waves would literally approach people and would gently touch their chin, lifting their gaze to the heavens. Then I heard the words, “THE GREATEST AWAKENING!” 

And speaking of “the greatest awakening…” Tekhelet Restored (the online community that emerged from Jumpstart 2023) will be hosting our very first in-person gathering in Jacksonville, FL USA on April 11-14, 2024. You can find full details and registration HERE. We hope you are able to join us.


What a glorious time to be alive!
Sean, Virginia, Connie & ATR team

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