Worship In Community

Anytime we worship is a good time, simply because He is worthy. Even when we feel nothing, it is an opportunity to trade, to pour out our love upon the One who IS Love. It’s even better when the heavens are open and everyone with a YES in their heart is encountering Him. But to me, the best corporate expression of worship is when a group of people have cultivated such sensitivity to Him and to each other that we hit the mark of exactly what is on the Father’s heart. I have been blessed to experience spiritual heights and depths in this type of setting several times. And though cultivating a healthy community has been one of the toughest assignments of my life, it is so worth it! Last night at ATR, as everyone stepped forward to bring the perfect piece at the perfect time, the Father unrolled a beautiful tapestry of healing, where He shattered false identities and wrapped us up in His name. It is true that “one can chase a thousand, but two puts then thousand to flight!” (Deuteronomy 32:30)