Abba Father

In March of 2013, the Lord showed up at All Things Restored, manifesting the Spirit of Adoption. Our hearts cried out to know Him as Father and to be fathered by Him. As He responded to our cry, imparting His Spirit of Adoption, He ministered … Continue readingAbba Father

Kat Kerr

Kat Kerr sharing more of Heaven’s revelation…enjoy!!! Blessings&SHALOM!!!

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Bob Griffin

Bob Griffin blows through again…Enjoy!!! His website is if you want to stay in touch and partner with him. Blessings&SHALOM!!!

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Establishing the Gate of your Will

We are the gates of heaven upon the earth. In this teaching, you will learn how to co-labor with the Lord in the cleansing, strengthening and aligning the Gate of your will, so that you can rule and reign with Him as His gatekeeper. Blessings&SHALOM!!!

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Faith is from God

It is very clear in scripture that Faith comes from God. So hopefully this teaching will help you identify where you have been trying to produce Faith instead of just simply receiving it. Our part is to simply believe and receive ALL THINGS IN and … Continue readingFaith is from God

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