Deep calls Unto Deep

Last Saturday (August 29th, 2020) at ATR, the Lord moved through and with us during worship to release new frequencies as we sang in the Spirit. These frequencies carried the release of God’s righteousness and justice (and life, etc.) out into our city and then into the entire realm. As we were co-laboring with God in this, the Spirit was ministering to me more about the “mechanics” of what was happening. I love it when He does that, because I desire understanding almost as much as I desire Him! I was going to take the microphone and pass this understanding on, but the Spirit said not to speak it, but to write it instead. So, here it is.

Virginia was singing “Deep calls to deep” quite a bit during this time. That is exactly what was happening, but there is a lot working “under the surface” when this goes on. The phrase “deep calls unto deep” comes from Psalm 42:7, which reads “Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls.” I just want to focus on the first part of that phrase; I’ll return to the second part after that.

The understanding of “deep” that is usually taught is the concept of the deepest places, or the places that are more hidden, and closer to the heart. It is used to refer to the hidden wisdom or mysteries of God. This understanding is reinforced by what Paul writes in 1 Cor. 2:10, “But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.” But Paul was referring to Job 11:7 there, which reads “Can you search out the deep things of God? Can you find out the limits of the Almighty?” What is happening in Psalm 42:7 is different, and very exciting!

In that Psalm, the Hebrew word translated “deep” is tehowm. This word is figuratively used to mean “an abyss, a very deep place,” from the concept of the ocean. But its literal meaning is “water that makes sound,” as in a wave that reaches the shore. This is where the concept of the ocean arises. However, the word is usually rendered “wave.”

So, think of this as “wave calls unto wave,” or as “water that makes a sound calling to water that makes a sound.” Do you see what this means now? God has the voice like the sound of many waters (Eze. 43:2, Rev. 1:15, etc.). Our bodies are literally more water than everything else put together, so we are water that makes sound! God calls to us.

God moves in waves, and His voice creates waves (frequencies) in the spiritual realms. Our belief causes us to align with Him, to tune to His frequencies (and detune to all others). When we are tuned, we act as a tuning fork, which is tuned to one particular frequency. In the presence of that frequency, the tuning fork (us!) is excited by sympathetic resonance, and literally re-radiates a new sound at the same frequency that we are tuned to. But, this primary frequency has overtones given by the tuning fork (us!) that make each sound unique. For example, a tuning fork made of silver sounds different than a tuning fork made of steel, even though both are tuned to the exact same fundamental frequency. We are God’s voice in the physical realm! We re-radiate His word from the spiritual into the physical! And, we are each vitally important, because no one else places the unique overtones onto God’s word that each of us do, since we are each of us unique!

Now we can blend this understanding with the understanding usually known. As Paul makes clear in 1 Cor. 2:7-10, the hidden wisdom of God is revealed to us in our spirit through His Spirit. So, when we tune (align) to Him, we gain revelation from the Rhema word we receive (expressed in Spiritual frequencies). We resonate with His frequencies (words) and re-radiate them with our own unique coloration. But here’s the really fun part: when we are all tuned to His frequencies, we all re-radiate them, and receive them again from each other, and re-re-radiate them, and receive them again, and so on! We are truly one, and our sound is the sound of many waters! The word is amplified by this proper feedback, and goes forth into the physical realm more strongly and vitally than any other way! And His word will NEVER return void, but will surely accomplish the purpose for which it is sent! AND, since we receive as we re-radiate, we receive wave after wave as we continue in Him, tuned to His frequencies; the wave after wave works in us to help us change from glory to glory!

Remember, we are not tools to be used; we are sons, to be dearly loved! We do not work FOR God, but rather WITH Him, together! So, we are not conduits, for God’s word to flow through; a conduit is a tool! We have His word flow into us, where it takes root and comes to life. Then, we re-radiate His word as life from us (with our own unique coloration). We minister from the overflow!

Well, earlier I said I would get to the second part of that phrase from Psalm 42:7, so here we go. The phrase “at the noise of Your waterfalls” is two Hebrew words: qowl tsinnuwr (in root form). Tsinnuwr means “a water-way.” The word can be used for a culvert, a rapid, a cataract, or just about any similar thing in between. Size doesn’t matter. It takes its meaning from two core concepts: water flows into and out of it, and the water makes a sound in so doing! The water of His word flows into, and then out of us, as a sound (frequency) we re-radiate! And qowl? It has the concept of the “distinctive sound” of something. When applied to inanimate objects, it means “noise;” when applied to living things, it means “voice.” Water-ways are inanimate, right? So, the translators rendered the word as noise. But God’s word (this water) is living, and active! So, it should be rendered as voice! God’s word, which is love and never fails, is expressed in wave after wave, through the voice of many flowing waters! We are one with each other and with Him. As we live and move in and from this true unity, we will experience much more of what we did on Saturday. MUCH more, ever higher, ever greater! How wonderful is our God!

-Bob Henry

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