Exercising Dominion

I recently saw a church sign that read pretty much as follows: “Covid-19: God is still in control.” I immediately thought, “I hope you don’t think God is responsible for this!” I knew the truth, namely that man has dominion over the earth, and in our present condition, we are not doing well with it. Holy Spirit then reminded me of what I had been hearing the past couple of weeks. Experts are all over the media foretelling what will happen with this disease. Why are they saying what they are saying? Because they believe it! Why do they believe this? They judge by appearances, past events, statistical analysis, etc. They believe that because it happened this way before, it will be this way again. But God said that we are to seek Him for answers when we need them, and to make righteous judgments. Just as He calls things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17), so should we. But, we can only release what lives within us. We must believe what we say! 

God then illuminated to me more of the reality of Romans 10:9-10. Verse 9 is finishing Paul’s discussion about entering the kingdom, but verse 10 is the principle that underlies Paul’s point: For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Salvation here is the word soteria, which is a word that I believe corresponds in its meaning to shalom in Hebrew. It encompasses all the benefits of the kingdom: health, safety, peace, wholeness, soundness and more! God showed me in a stronger way that when we believe these things in our hearts, we release them through our words and actions into the physical realm and reap what we sow. 

Dominion is believing what you think and hear and then expressing that life into the physical realm. When done through love, it is mighty in the kingdom and of great benefit to all creation. When done apart from God (not through love/life, but through the knowledge of good and evil), the situation is what it is today. 

Our belief is working at cross purposes within ourselves, because we are double minded! We have belief and unbelief dwelling in our hearts together! In other words, we believe some truth (God) and some lies (everything else). Many people have no idea how much of what they believe is based on lies, but Holy Spirit is here to help us, if we let Him. 

God showed me that we first need to be walking in our unity with Him and then complete our process of becoming single in ourselves. We can then begin to walk in dominion in love with much greater effectiveness, as one will put to flight a thousand and two ten thousand! (Deuteronomy 32:30 )

-Bob Henry

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