Flaming Swords of Fire

As we gathered on Saturday, we were ushered into a place where the Father sang over us, “Don’t you know the entryway is guarded by two angels with flaming swords of fire?” As He repeated His anthem over and over, the glory of His presence became thicker and thicker. Though we didn’t fully comprehend the depth of this invitation, it was clear that it was a holy moment. Afterwards, Bob Henry shared that he had encountered the exact same invitation and the exact same place almost 2 years ago. His encounter brought clarity to what we had just experienced and was a powerful confirmation of what God has made available to us…

“I was in an overgrown, wild looking place full of plants, but no trees that I could see. The colors of everything seemed to be muted somewhat, much more toward gray than normal. The sky seemed to be overcast, with the light being subdued by it. I was on a small dirt path, like a hiking trail, just a foot or so wide. The plants around me were all sufficiently low as not to block my vision. The path was leading to a light in the distance. I understood that I was to walk along the path toward it. As I approached what was ahead of me, I saw that the light was created by a sword. The sword was on fire, and was moving so rapidly that it seemed to be everywhere at once. Indeed, I only knew it was a sword by spiritual sight, for it was moving far too fast to be seen clearly. The sword seemed to be creating an almost solid wall by its movement, like an electron making an electron shell by its rapid movements. There was no way to see through the wall it was creating! Walking into that whirling, flashing, burning mass of sword was obviously a quick and certain death! Then, I understood by the Spirit that I was to continue walking into that mass of sharp, flashing fire! So, I did. Indeed, I understood that on the other side of it was my birthright inheritance. As I entered the firey wall of moving sword, I immediately lost my vision, as there was no way to see in the opacity created by the sword’s rapid motion. I was conscious of the sword cutting me essentially everywhere, and the fire burning me essentially everywhere, but I was not aware of any pain. I kept walking. After a moment, I regained my vision as my eye fronts emerged from the wall of burning sword. All of the colors I saw were vastly different than a moment ago. The sky and the plants were all different than before. I actually had no words to describe the colors I saw (and still don’t). As I emerged completely from the wall of sword, I saw that my body was now bright blood red, and I was shaped slightly differently than I was before, but still pretty much like the me I was used to. Ahead, I saw a short, broken off, rectangular vertical post…wooden, rough, unfinished, and unadorned in any way. Then, the vision stopped. Just after the vision ended, the Spirit revealed to me that the post was the Tree of Life! He also said that it was my inheritance! Later, as I brought the vision back before the Lord, he showed me that the post was the bottom of a crucifixion cross! It had the top broken off because death no longer had a place in the Kingdom, once we accessed the Tree of Life fully. The Lord’s death was the last one that was needed! And, as I knew from before, Jesus is the Tree of Life, and its (His) fruit is the Bread of Life that we are to eat and live thereby.”

-Bob Henry

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