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All Things Restored is in a season of seeing our heart’s desire manifest, as our community is beginning to truly function as an ecclesia… a governmental body ruling and reigning from heaven to earth. It has taken quite some time to break the “spectator mentality” that is so prevalent in the western church. It has also taken time for everyone to feel safe enough to step forward and release the pieces God gives them in our corporate gatherings. Our classroom has not been without messes, but we know that’s just part of the process, and we know that the reward is well worth it. We have the privilege of demonstrating what an ecclesia looks like functioning in the earth. And though it may look different for you, we are making the statement that it really is possible. What will happen when His body rises up, with everyone legislating together? It will change everything! The spiritual reality we know to be true will begin to manifest tangibly within the dimension of earth-time…. through us, His gates!

Several weeks ago, Heide, our visual arts director, coordinated an evening where everyone was encouraged to display their unique way of worshipping God. It was creative. And it was powerful. That night, Pamela released a spoken word that was so beautiful I wanted to share it with you… Enjoy!

So, you’re here to hear, here to hear
Here to hear this spoken word about that spoken Word
That was the Spoken Word
The Word that was God
Was with God
And was there in the beginning
The first spoken word…. “Light, be!”
And it was
He’s the Light that removes night
His Word is my delight
He’s  the light that bursts through any gloom
That shines on a seed, even through dirt, to bring sprout and bloom He’s the Light that draws nations and kings
He bends it and adorns planets with rings
He’s  the light that both reveals the spot and wipes it clean
Liquid light that fills crevice and crack and every place in between
Creative Expression expressed Himself and created… Light
The light
The Light for men, of men, to men
Light, not the sun, but the one Son
Light that brought life and brings life
Light in the night, created to shine
To trump darkness every time
Light that is life

So, you’re here to hear, here to hear
This spoken word about that spoken Word
The Word that is life
How did the Word first give life?
With a kiss
And man inhaled… Life
He gave His life for my life that began before time
While on this day of the Lord His mountain I climb
His bread of life I remember to eat
Escaping death, which is under my feet
He’s the Fountain of Life within me
And why?
So I can do what He commanded and multiply…His Life
The point of my life that I point from and to
He is the gate that to gain His life you must walk through
Creative Expression expressed Himself and created… Life
The Life
LIfe as a Son, a Friend
In His image, by Him, for Him
Life, abundant Life
To live His life
To know no strife
To have a wife
So man could know what He knew all along
That life is love

So, you’re here to hear, here to hear
This spoken word about that spoken Word
The Word that is love
The Word’s first act of love?
Free will
And a garden of pleasures
A man and a woman made to love
From Love, by Love, for Love
To live, love, move and have our being in Him from above
His love is so perfect it casts out fear
Did you hear?
His love is so perfect it casts out fear
To discern the facets of His love
Senses He gave all for us to know Him
As stronger than the grave
The downpayment is bigger than you think
Ever-expanding Love
Is an essence you drink
Love became the active expression of Himself….Love
And in His image we are made
Love that never fails and never fades
Creative Expression expressed Himself and created… Love
The Love
Love that was Love, is Love and will always and only be Love
Love that that walked and talked and hung on a tree
Redeeming you and me
Love that healed and killed what needed to die
To forever reveal His glory

So, you’re here to hear, here to hear
This spoken word about that spoken Word
The Word that is glory
Who is this King of Glory?
Light, Life, Love
The side-effect of gazing at these three
The Trinity, the one inside of me
Two become one and His hope of glory looks like the Son… me
Creative Expression expressed Himself and created… Glory
The Glory
Glory that changes and makes us free
That rearranges matter and me
Only glory can weave the glistening garment for those who believe
That can’t be achieved, only received by choosing
The verb and the noun
Glory that comes while I gaze and expands when I praise
To expound
Abba, Father says proudly
My sons will be the light that covers the world with My hand
Glory that will cover the earth like the sea covers the sand
So we’ve been chosen to rule and reign with authority and love
After all, He gave us His own… Creative Expression
Light, Life, Love and Glory
Delivered by His Word, so…
For you to hear this Word today from Him through me, a son
I had to become… His spoken word
Have you?

Glad you were here to hear… it
Now go out and express Himself!
-Pamela Henry

Also, we are delighted to announce that Terry Spencer will be with us this Saturday, January 18th at 7:00pm. We hope you can join us!

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