Re-sequencing the DNA

For the first month of each new calendar year, we do an early morning prayer call, where we pray in the Spirit and then turn into the realm of encounter. Each time, we have seen the Father set the tone for the new season, in a sense, giving us a roadmap for our next series of adventures with Him. On the first day of our 2020 call, Andree, the head of our Prayer Team had this beautiful and strategic encounter:

I saw a spiral staircase and, as I was ascending this staircase, I realized it was a strand of DNA. I would come to places where it was damaged or broken, and I would speak to it or breathe on it, and it was healed. I was aware that I had on an ephod. As I looked back I saw others following and I knew that we were going back to the beginning where a crown was waiting.

As soon as Andree shared this, I felt the weightiness of it and knew that it was our “you are here” on the map. The following morning, I felt led to step into her encounter by faith. I ascended that spiral DNA staircase, and, as I breathed into the damaged places, the Hebrew letters came out of my mouth and attached themselves to the DNA, totally restoring it and creating a golden band that stretched from eternity past to eternity future. I heard the words “resequencing” and “realigning.” I knew by the Spirit that this was particularly for the physical body. We have done a lot of work in the soul, and that is good and necessary. But it is time for that restoration to work its way out, manifesting in the physical body. I then saw the Hebrew letters coming out of God’s mouth as He sat on His throne, and also “in the beginning.” These Living Letters are a creative force. When He said, “Let there be!” they went to work. 

I was reminded of Psalm 107:20, “He sent His word and healed them.” Then I heard the Lord say something that I feel is for all His sons during this season: “Speak the word, child, and it is done. Create with Me. As you speak My word, these ones (the Living Letters) go forth, creating, establishing, realigning. You are correct that you have stepped into a season where you can have what you desire. Desire with Me. Dream with Me. Think My thoughts. Speak My words, and it is done.”

May you also be blessed to dream with God, to create with Him, to establish His kingdom here, to re-sequence your very DNA with the words of His (and your) mouth!

-Andree Bienvenue
-Virginia Killingsworth

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