Levels of Learning

I am seated in a classroom. I am in my seat facing the door. I’m very comfortable in my surroundings so I must have spent a lot of time in this room. Wisdom walks in and says, “Today you will receive your new schedules. It’s time to increase your training to the the next levels. Fresh revelation must be poured out so it is imperative to accelerate your hands-on training. It is one thing to have knowledge but it is an entirely different subset turning knowledge into action. It’s time to apply your knowledge.” 

As Wisdom was speaking I was reminded of Bloom’s Taxonomy, which is a classification system used to define and distinguish different levels of human cognition. Each level builds upon itself from the lowest level of learning to highest. Beginning with the lowest level/foundation of learning it is as follows: remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create.

I see where the Lord has us in the process and was amazed at how far we had come but knew we were still in the beginning phases of learning. We are well adept to remembering and understanding. Now, we were moving up in the process to applying and analyzing. I see that decreeing is more than just saying words. I see that we will be going down to the components and elements of matter. We will innately see and understand how things work and will be able to change things on an atomic/molecular level. Basically, we will be able to decompose (break down) information.

The Lord began to give me the following examples to better understand what He was relaying to me:
Example 1: A child understands that a car runs. Through his teen years he has a general knowledge on how the car works. But as he matures,the child learns the mechanics of how a car works: how to crank it up, the transmission, the fueling system, etc. Then, when the car tears up, he knows exactly how to fix it because he knows how each part functions.

Example 2: A normal person has a general idea how the human body functions. A doctor or specialist, on the other hand, has an in-depth knowledge of the body and is trained on how to heal whatever is not functioning properly.

I see the Body of Christ beginning to work through more innate knowing and application to evaluation in order to co-create. It’s part of unlocking our minds back to our original state. For example, when we begin to pray for healing, we will know exactly what the problem is in a molecular state and be able to speak/decree specifically to the body (at the molecular/cellular levels) for it to function properly. Just very SPECIFIC and INTENTIONAL decreeing.

I’m drawn back to looking at my new schedule. I recognize it’s an advanced course and slacking off is not an option. I realize I will be given one-on-one instruction and that time spent with peers will be done on an as needed basis. This particular course is about cultivating my particular skill sets.

-Natasha Cooksey