The Court of Accusation

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.
-Psalm 97:2

The Throne is the seat of the government of God, while the court system in heaven is the judicial and legislative system from which His decrees are released. There are several different types of courts found in the heavenly dimensions, just as there are various courts here on earth.

One of the first courts you will probably visit and engage in is the Court of Accusation. It is a real place in the realm of the Spirit, one that you can begin accessing now through the gate of your imagination. This is the court where your adversary, satan, goes to accuse you before your Father, the Judge. As a young believer, your only responsibility in this court is to quickly repent and to forgive as Holy Spirit leads you. You have an Advocate (a lawyer), Yeshua, who represents your case before the Judge.

Then the Angel of the Lord admonished Joshua, saying, “Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘If you will walk in My ways, And if you will keep My command, then you shall also judge My house, And likewise have charge of My courts; I will give you places to walk among these who stand here.’”
-Zechariah 3:6-7

Agree with your adversary quickly, while you are on the way with him, lest your adversary deliver you to the judge, the judge hand you over to the officer and you be thrown into prison. Assuredly, I say to you, you will by no means get out of there till you have paid the last penny.
-Matthew 5:25-26

Next week, we’ll explore the Fiery Stones in the Father’s Heart and the following week, you’ll learn how to sit on your Seat of Rest. So, stay tuned…

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We hope you’re having fun exploring the “many mansions” in your Father’s heart. It really is your Father’s good pleasure to give you His kingdom!
Sean, Virginia, Connie & ATR team

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