Awake, Oh Sleeper

His sons are awakening… ruling, reigning, governing in His authority, allowing His alignment to flow through them and into their sphere of influence. They are atmosphere changers…. frequency releasers. They are co-creating in Oneness with Him for the restoration of all things. … Continue readingAwake, Oh Sleeper

The Narrow Way

When satan tempted Christ, he showed Him the kingdoms of this world and said, “This is what you will get if you just worship me.” By contrast, when the rich young ruler came to Christ, Jesus said nothing of what he would get, but rather … Continue readingThe Narrow Way

When I Speak Your Name

Live, spontaneous worship from All Things Restored Hear the Father call you by name, proclaiming your identity and your destiny in the heavens and on the earth…. Edited and Mixed by Tyler Barnhart Vocals:  Kiel Burns, Virginia Killingsworth Drums:  Andrey Novik Guitar:  Todd Luschen, Tyler … Continue readingWhen I Speak Your Name