The DNA of Love

I am traveling within a strand of DNA made of purple, pink, orange, and yellow lights. I ask, “What does this mean?” In response, I hear the Lord saying, “I am taking you back into the very beginning. The beginning of who you are. I am removing the cloak that disguises your true identity and I am unveiling who you are, one layer at a time. You are in my image. You are love. You were formed in love and are My masterpiece of my Love. I am doing a reset, an alignment to who you are- who you are in Me.”
Suddenly, I am walking in the Father’s heart. There are dazzling and sparkling stones in an array of colors all around. Absolutely breathtaking. I am in awe knowing that I am a piece of His heart. I am part of His plan.

Yod Hey Shiv Vav Hey-You are the Door. I walk through the Door of Your Heart.

Next, I am standing in “our” place beside a stream of Living Water. This makes me happy because I realize this is one of my favorite places just to hang out with Him and He just acknowledged it. I hear Jesus laugh beside me, “Jump in! You know you want to.” So, I immediately dove in and sit at the bottom. I see a blue sapphire stone. I pick it up and put it in my belly. Then I push up off the bottom and rise to the top. The Lord begins speaking: “The Supernatural lifestyle will become easier for you. I am increasing your abilities to hear, see, and even perform miracles. As I am, so shall you be. I am removing limitations, eliminating excuses. Dive into the depths of Me. Dive into the Timeless Treasure of who I am. All I require is a simple ‘yes.’ You don’t have to be perfect. You just need to be. I am removing the old cloaks and shells, and you shall emerge as who I created you to be from the beginning. I am taking you back- back to the moment- back to Me. Your strength and entire being is in Me. You are nothing without Me. Your very DNA is Me. Emerge! Emerge! You are merging into Me- closer and closer! Decree, legislate, govern! Love shall reign supreme!”

-Natasha Cooksey