I saw a little girl playing hopscotch. (According to A to Z Dream Symbology Dictionary, hopscotch is: A need to get balanced; jumping from one thing to another without finishing the task at hand; playful immaturity; trying to get ahead in life while childishly throwing rocks at others)

I heard Holy Spirit speak: “Balance. I am going to teach you balance. Balance is affected by alignment. The two go hand in hand. If your back isn’t aligned properly your balance is off.”

I see a gymnast walking on a balance beam. She’s a little wobbly but she’s made it ¾ of the way across. I become aware that it has taken a lot of practice for her to get this far but with more discipline she will become more balanced and graceful in her movements.(Increase of balance = Increase of grace= Increase of Love)

“I am bringing you to a place of balance. Balance is acquired with maturity. One who is balanced walks in discipline. Perfect balance is learned. It comes with practice. Allow Me to teach you balance. It requires self-control, yet you cannot force or manipulate balance. True balance can only be achieved by leaning into Me.”

A character trait of a Mature Son is balance.

Psalm 90:12 “ Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

-Natasha Cooksey