The Science of Renewing Your Mind

I am a big fan of the Christian neuroscientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf. She has been connecting the dots, using scientific methods, between scripture and the mind. She’s proven that we are biologically prewired for love. In other words, our physical bodies respond best when we choose Love (God), which is what renewing the mind is all about. The neuroplasticity of our brain means WE have the ability to change our memories by building new ones and destroying unwanted ones. Dr. Leaf’s 21 Day Brain Detox is designed to teach you how to capture every thought, identifying the LIE before it enters the body, causing a stimulus and a response bringing death with it. The goal is to replace every lie with Him, the Truth. This is “working out our salvation” and aligning our soul (mind, will and emotions) and physical body with the Spirit. 

The degree of our alignment = the amount of power (Him) we can channel through us. It hinges on our desire to re-present Him in the earth by co-creating with Him as elohim and being overcomers in all things! (including physical death), which IS His hope of glory. 

So, here’s the paragraph by Dr. Leaf that connected the dots for me:
“The DNA becomes unzipped by the signal that says ‘WAKE UP.’ I need a response from you to build this memory; then mRNA photocopies the DNA code so it can be replicated and create something.”

I had been meditating on this for a couple of months. I knew that I was made a new creature and received His DNA, but oftentimes, I don’t act or look like it! I knew my identity is in His DNA, and I wanted to know how to access it in the physical, by faith. As I began to ask that question He gave me this understanding: Even the cell speaks of His glory and the Body of Christ! Here’s the microbiology of it….keeping it simple:

A DNA strand is a double helix. Much like a ladder with rungs that’s been twisted (see figure 1. above). One side of the DNA strand is the DNA coding strand (God). The other side of the DNA strand is the DNA template strand.(Jesus). They are two but ONE. Jesus was (and is) God. His life and death gave us the template for our resurrected life.

The mRNA molecule (messenger RNA= Believers) attaches to the DNA template strand, becoming ONE. The perfect template creates an exact replica of Himself, the original DNA, in the mRNA. The mRNA then moves through the physical body delivering the messages from the DNA as to how to respond to the stimulus or signal that woke the DNA up.

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These stimuli are our memories, built by our mind and stored in our brain. If we are not abiding in the vine (DNA coding strand), we are unable to respond as Jesus did and does (because He carries the code and is One with His Father.) Then our replica (or copy) becomes distorted and is not a perfect copy of the template (Jesus, the DNA template strand). Because  memories  and thoughts  are chemical  reactions, every one of them affects our  physical bodies! Bringing Life (His DNA) or death (the unrenewed mind). The stimulus or thought, begins to search it’s “first Adam” memory bank for the “good or evil” response  This is the point when we can capture that unwelcome intruder.

That’s why we are told to renew our minds. We want our mRNA to carry His message of Life, into every cell in our physical bodies, into our physical world as witnesses, and to create with Him from His perfect and holy code. When we renew our minds, we change our reactions to old stimuli and patterns of responses by abiding in Him, the perfect code.

Remember, too, our mRNA connects with Him outside of time and in the Spirit. We bring more of His kingdom to earth (us) each time we connect with Him, replicate Him and overcome the physical, soulish and “first Adam” responses. We then carry that perfect DNA into the world. This is why He told us to be perfect (mature) as the Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48). I stand on the promise that He won’t command me to do anything He hasn’t equipped me to do!

Another Rabbit Hole? Frequency waves are what direct the mRNA through the body and either help it remain true to the Code or cause distortion!

I hope this connected some dots for you as it did for me. This revelation was given to me because I have been asking to experience awe and wonder. It’s meant to encourage you by exhibiting that God will find a way to help you understand His Kingdom and to know Him better, too. All you have to do is ask and then listen!

-Pamela Henry

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