The Threshing Floor

Sometimes it is difficult to discern whether difficult things are of God to strengthen us or are of the enemy to destroy us. Many things, like Jesus’ death on the cross, are both (I Corinthians 2:8). In these times, we choose to submit to God, to resist the devil (James 4:7), and we trust the Spirit of Truth to sort out which is which. 

This is the Threshing Floor, that place where everything is thrown up in the air in what seems like disarray. The wheat and the tares may look the same, but when the wind of His Spirit blows through, the chaff is blown away, while the wheat (that which has true spiritual substance) falls to the ground (in a posture of humility, submission, total abandon). This process is necessary for individuals, as well as corporate bodies and moves of God.

Jesus intentionally offended the multitude (John 6) right after He fed the 5,000. All the people ate their fill and were plotting to take Jesus by force and to make Him king, not because they believed in Him, but because they saw a good business opportunity. They were concerned only with the natural realm, while Jesus tried to get them to see past that into the realm of eternity. He told them that He was the Bread of Life – eternal life – and that they must eat His flesh and drink His blood. And many were offended and went away. Jesus knew that if that saying offended them, they certainly would not be able to steward the truth of the mystery of His death, resurrection and ascension (John 6:61-62).

So, Father, You know the hearts of all men. You see every agenda, every selfish motive – even those things which we ourselves are unaware of. And You are able to purge us, both individually and corporately.

So, I submit fully to Your hand and to this process. I give You permission (though You are God and don’t require it). I trust You. I know You do not see as we see. Like Samuel, I might choose Eliab while You choose David (I Samuel 16:7).

I submit to You, Father, knowing that You can be trusted, and I ask that You would protect us from the enemy’s devouring that he tries to mix in with Your refining process. I ask You, Lord of Hosts, to arise on our behalf with Your hosts of waring angels. Please shine Your spotlight of Truth and reveal Your keys and Your strategies. It’s all for the glory of Your name and the advancement of Your kingdom!