Wings of Fire

During a recent time of worship, the Lord said that He was going to carry us higher than the eagle flies.  He then sent a huge angel, glowing white, with outstretched wings, to place wings of fire upon each person who said yes.  They were “wings of fire to carry us higher”– high above this realm and its distractions, struggles and limitations.  The Holy Spirit continued to unfold this revelation, showing us that these wings of fire represented our burning hearts, our passion, our intimacy with Jesus.  This is what will carry us to higher heights.
For many in the body of Christ, the past season was an “eagle” season, a time in which the prophetic gifts were released.  We encountered God in exciting ways in this realm through the revelatory gifts, dreams, visions, words of knowledge and prophetic ministry.  But we are entering a season in which He is calling us higher.
The Lord then began to encourage us not to seek Him in the same way we did in the last season.  He is shifting us from always expecting Him to come to us in this realm and is teaching us how to come to Him and to abide with Him in higher dimensions… in those heavenly places where we are seated with Christ (Ephesians 2:6).  Then, so tenderly, He began to break off of us confusion, misunderstanding, condemnation and disappointment, helping us to understand that we have not done something wrong and that He has not abandoned us.  We are simply in transition.
We are like the Shulamite woman in Song of Solomon chapter 5, when her bridegroom knocks upon the door of her heart.  He has already awakened her love and ignited her passion, but by the time she opens the door, He is gone and she is forced to leave the comfort of her bed chamber to search for Him.  “Has anyone seen my Beloved?”
It is crucial that our passion and intimacy lead us into these spiritual realms and dimensions.  If we do not enter this way, we will be like those in John 10:1-10 who go in a different way and who Jesus calls “thieves and robbers.”  Without entering through intimacy with Jesus, we will be like those in Matthew 7:22-23 who do great signs, wonders and miracles and yet the Lord says, “I never knew (was intimate with) you.”
It is now on God’s time clock to unlock the spirit realm to mankind, and when He does so, He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh (Acts 2:17), just as it rains upon the just and the unjust alike (Matthew 5:45).  And so those who do not know Him may walk in a measure of truth.  The key difference will be relationship, not with the “Universe” or a Higher Power, but with God our Father, Jesus our Husband and Holy Spirit our Guide, Teacher and Friend.  

     So, Father, we thank You that we have truly been born again and are literally of a new bloodline.  Thank You, Jesus, for demonstrating the most perfect love as You laid down Your life for us, Your bride.  We say YES to Your love!  May our burning hearts be the wings of fire that carry us higher, and may our passion cause us to leave our comfort zone and to pursue You into new dimensions!