Don’t Believe The false positive

I dreamt last night of a good friend of mine holding a pregnancy test, and the Lord said to me while she held it, “Don’t believe the false positive.” 

I was immediately woken from this dream where the Lord began to speak to my heart and wouldn’t let me rest until I wrote this out. 

He told me: “Don’t believe in the false positive. Don’t kill my seeds of blessings by believing this is too good to be true. Don’t believe the lie. The dream I gave you was meant to portray how easy it is to stop My blessings by simply believing in a lie. Her test showed positive, but the expression of sadness on her face and the depth of sorrow on her heart was a result of her believing the lie of doubt. When you see a positive on your pregnancy test, don’t believe in your heart that it’s a “false positive.”

Instead, choose to believe in your heart, with all of your heart, that it is truly Me blessing you and that you are worthy to receive My blessings. Choose to believe that only I have the power to give and take away, that only I have the power to say what goes. The enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy and will do anything to take My blessings from you. Don’t let those whispered words of doubt, “a false positive,” steal, kill and destroy what I have for you. Believe in My mercy and My goodness, have faith that I love to bless those who love Me.”

I feel this is a timely word for everyone, using the example of a “false positive” pregnancy test and how easy it is to immediately believe something we’ve prayed for is too good to be true. If you have experienced something that you saw with your own eyes and believed the lie that it was too good to be true, simply repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness. I know you know in your heart of a time right now where you allowed doubt to kill the seeds of His blessings. That’s the Holy Spirit highlighting to you a time He wanted to bless you and that the blessings are still yours to have. While you unknowingly stopped this by believing the lie, it’s just as easy to go to Him and ask for forgiveness. His heart is to bless you. His heart is to still give you that which He has for you. 

I speak life over those seeds in Jesus’ name and that today you begin to see the fruit of those blessings! You are highly favored. You are blessed. You are loved. 

Believe it and Receive it,
-Morgan Golden