New Years Gathering & Jumpstart 2024

New Years Eve Gathering

We will meet at the normal time on New Year’s Eve and will be having a time of worship interspersed with declarations. We’ll have an open mic for people to release personal, corporate, regional, national, global and cosmic declarations. We believe this will be a powerful time of setting the tone for 2024 by co-creating with the Father. We’d love for you to join us. 

Jumpstart 2024

Since 2018, we have done early morning prayer and encounter times each January. These times have been rich in God’s presence and revelation and have provided both a spiritual jumpstart and spiritual blueprints for the days ahead. In previous years, many people who thought they were not “seeing” in the Spirit learned to enter in with the simple faith of a child and realized that they really were encountering Him all along. And we were all taken to new depths and new heights, as we connected with other sons of God all over the world. 

Last year, Jumpstart gained so much spiritual momentum that it ended up morphing into an online spiritual community called Tekhelet Restored. Every Tuesday, maturing sons from all over the world gather to pray together, encourage one another and encounter the heavenly realm together. And what growth we have seen in everyone! If you are hungry for a safe place to learn and grow in the things of heaven and for a tribe of people who will challenge you to go deeper and higher, I would encourage you to join us for Jumpstart… and beyond. 

From January 1 – January 31, you are invited to join us at 6:00 am EST Monday – Friday and 7:00 am EST Saturday and Sunday. We will pray in the Spirit for 15 minutes. Then we will silently and individually encounter the heavenly realm together for 15 minutes (have a journal handy). Then, we will take a few minutes to share the revelation we have received. Every year, I am amazed at the way Holy Spirit weaves us together as His tapestry. 

To join, just log in to Zoom, with Meeting ID: 838 2936 7265 and Passcode: 433457. Or use this LINK

May the breath of YHVH fill your lungs, as you co-create with Him from heaven to earth…
Sean, Virginia, Connie & ATR team

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