Lion, Eagle, Ox, Man

I saw us walking through ancient paths. We came upon ancient gates or portals and we began to walk through them. Each portal or gate corresponded to one of the Hebrew letters. Then we were all in the galaxies, we were given brushes, and we would take turns painting. Each brush stroke was light. We were in sync, but each one had their part. By the time we were done, we had painted the four faces of God: Eagle, Lion, Ox, Man. Now these paintings turned and reflected onto different regions of the earth. … Continue readingLion, Eagle, Ox, Man

Wave After Wave

The tide IS changing! The waves are coming in. The waves are crashing in. Wave, after wave, after wave of His blessing are coming in. Wave, after wave, after wave of His fragrance are coming in. Wave, after wave of His love are crashing in. … Continue readingWave After Wave