The Ball Is In Your Court

I began thinking about the fact that His story is written in the stars, in the heavens, then the thought “rewrite the story,” crossed my mind. My initial reaction was “Whoa, God I don’t know how to do this.” Then I saw an angel blowing a silver trumpet, and a book was opened and read: The heavens declare the glory of God. I saw angels throwing what appeared to be balls of fire at us, and I heard “The ball is in your court”. As I caught my ball, it unfolded, and there was a living Hebrew letter. Each of us received one and then a shifting happened, putting us in different places. I then saw that our letter in the placement wrote, “This is the day of My Justice and Truth, My Righteousness and Life”. Then I saw the sun arising on this word-message in the heavens.

When I heard “the ball is in your court,” I felt that the Lord is requiring us to step up and take action. The action is His, and the yes and our willingness is ours.

-Andree Bienvenue

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