The Fear of the Lord

“Going out on a limb here and sharing something from my private journal today about my ‘Fear of the Lord’ gate experience. It is maybe a little different than what one would expect with Fear of the Lord, but none-the-less real to me. I only hope that my limited words can convey what I was shown. Aghhhh…so, here goes:
This gate was a completely different gate than the others I have seen. As I prayed to the Lord and went in the spirit to this gate, everything was in complete darkness (not scary darkness, but more as an ‘under His shadow’ a place deep in His center being, a place of Him brooding over the gate.) I could here the sound of a steady dripping of water, like from a faucet; drip, drip, drip…and in the darkness I saw a huge body of water with ripples circulating outward from the cause of the dripping water. It was like looking at the surface of the top of a deep, deep well. The thoughts of this gate were: “Dare I dive in deeper, to the deep, deep places of God – where I can not breath by natural breath, but by the breath in the Spirit.” A place of refusing natural fear for my own preservation and one of choosing to pursue Him in complete trust and abandon. Even as you dive deeper in an ocean, the “weight” and “pressure” of the surrounding deep waters crushing your earthly frame can cause ‘fear’; this was a chance to press beyond this fear and be totally encompassed by the Lord God. Deep in His pressence. Deep in His all encompassing center where I am completely ‘dead to myself’ and in respectful awe (an Elijah, jaw dropped open overwhelmed by His presence type of Awe) of His surrounding, life giving presence. Overwhelming. Overpowering. Complete. Understanding reverently of how BIG, how GREAT, how Omniscient/Omnipresent/Omnipotent He is….No hesitation. No dipping my toes in to test the water. I…Am…Going…In…Head First….”
-Heide Zuchschwerdt