The Narrow Way

When satan tempted Christ, he showed Him the kingdoms of this world and said, “This is what you will get if you just worship me.” By contrast, when the rich young ruler came to Christ, Jesus said nothing of what he would get, but rather said, “This is what you must give in order to follow Me.” Jesus knew that dying to self, materialism, greed and false security was necessary in order to prepare this young man to steward true riches.

It always goes back to the Trading Floor, and we must always lose our life to find it. By trying to preserve our self life, we end up losing it. It is a spiritual law. It is the way of the kingdom. It is why the way to destruction is broad, while the way to life is narrow. Jesus said that many are called but few are chosen. Why? Because they stumble and become offended during the process, and ultimately end up saying NO to paying the price. Do we earn what has been freely given to us in Christ? No! But the process of maturity is costly… costly, but necessary if we are to steward anything of true value.

Our society is defined by comfort and false security. We have not understand the necessity of hardship, so we often try to rescue people from the process, not realizing that we are handicapping them. Babies are selfish by design, but adults must learn selflessness, if they are to nurture others. Many in the Body of Christ right now are in an awkward teenage phase of sorts, where we are eager for adult privileges but are reluctant to accept the responsibilities that come with them. Growing up is hard… but necessary for where we are going and what we have said yes to. The way is narrow, and the Fear of the Lord is our tutor on this part of the journey. As we yield to His mentorship, we will apprehend the Promises!