The River of Delight and of the Ecstasies of God

I was praying and saw a whirlwind, which I knew by the Spirit that I was to receive inside of me.  I knew that it would propel me upward, so that I could experience higher realms and dimensions.  And I knew that I was allowed to release it corporately.

Then I was suddenly back at the River of Life.  It was the same place He had taken me so many times before, but this time, I knew it was not just the River of Life, but the river of Delight and of the Ecstasies of God.

First, I drank my fill of His life, allowing His life to flow freely through me (spirit, soul and body) and commanding all obstructions to be gone.  I received the free-flow of His life in me and through me to overflowing.

Then I began drinking from the River of Delight and of the Ecstasies of God.  I saw my spirit man drinking, just as I have since my first encounter with the River of Life.  But this time, after I drank, I started laughing, falling back and rolling on the ground, like a cartoon.  I could feel the joy beginning to bubble up in my soul.  And I heard the Lord say, “You will be changed into another man”, like the story of Saul and the prophets (I Samuel 10:6).  “Keep drinking until every obstruction is broken.”

I love what John Crowder says, “The thing in which you find pleasure is the thing you worship.”

Psalm 36:8,“They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house, and You give them drink from the River of Your Pleasures.”