The Breath Of Life

The Hebrew word Ruach not only refers to the person of Holy Spirit, but also describes wind and breath. Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) is the breath of God, the One who releases His life, emotion, energy and the intentions of His heart and mind. In Hebraic thought, Ruach HaKodesh is the power emanating from God’s name, which breathes life into all of creation. The aspirated consonants of God’s name, YVHV (Yod, Hei, Vav, Hei) even sound like breathing, especially the letter Hei, which looks like this: ה. In both Hebrew and Christian mysticism, Hei represents the Ruach, the breath of God. As you see, God’s own name contains two Hei’s, which speak of the upper breath and the lower breath, the inhale and the exhale. He breathes out life, and all of creation breathes Him in. And as His gates, we breathe in heaven and breathe out on the earth.

In Genesis 2:7, we see God breathing His breath of life into Adam’s nostrils, causing Adam to become a living being. Then when God visited Abram and Sarai with supernatural life, He changed their names – from Abram (אברם) to Abraham (אברהם) and from Sarai (שרי) to Sarah (שרה). Look closely at this name change in Hebrew. Do you see what was added? The Hei (ה)! God breathed His breath of life into them, resulting in renewed youth, supernatural life and the manifestation of their miracle. Their physical bodies were as good as dead (Hebrews 11:12), so they were totally incapable of producing fruit… until God breathed His Ruach into them!

The unfathomable cosmos came into being at the word of the Eternal’s imagination, a solitary voice in endless darkness. The breath of His mouth whispered the sea of stars into existence.
-Psalm 33:6, VOICE

The word breath here is once again Ruach. By His breath, the heavens were made. It is no coincidence that when God promised descendants to Abraham, He showed him the stars…. the very same stars that were created by the breath of His mouth! Perhaps there was an unspoken dialogue between God and His friend, Abraham, that went something like, If My breath created all these stars, what will it create when I breathe into you? Maybe, as Abraham breathed in the breath of YHVH that starry night, he saw that his child of promise was a small feat compared to the birthing of the cosmos. Today, do you feel the breath of YHVH filling your lungs and your world with His supernatural life? Take a moment to behold His magnificent creation and hear Him asking you that same question: If My breath created all this, what will it create when I breathe into you?  

Now, just pause for a moment and breathe Him in… Keep breathing, in the natural and in the spirit. Exhale all that is not the real you. Let go of limitation and breathe in the glorious unknown of what you have always been yet are becoming. 

Beloved, we are God’s children right now; however, it is not yet apparent what we will become. But we do know that when it is finally made visible, we will be just like him, for we will see him as he truly is. 
-I John 3:2, TPT 

Right now, as you breathe in the Ruach of God, imagine yourself as a brilliant being of bright, white light – fully in the image of your Father, God, and filled to overflowing with His life. Imagine your “light being self” simply taking off the garments of limitation and fallenness, in exchange for new white light garments that match your inner being. Remember… when the prodigal son returned home to his father’s heart, he was given new garments. Even if you feel afraid to let go of what is familiar, you can still choose to step into the unknown. Welcome the angels and other heavenly beings that the Father has sent to help you with your garment change, in the same way Hegai helped to dress Esther in a way that was pleasing to the king (Esther 2:15). 

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During this time of radical transition, remember who you are, Whose you are and where you are seated. Together, let us breathe in the abundance of grace being released from the Father, as He teaches us to rule and reign in His name.

Until next time…
Sean, Virginia, Connie and All Things Restored team

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