Hidden Manna

Recently, God said to me, “Come and eat of My hidden manna and be revived.  Come and eat of Me and live forever, for I AM the Tree of Life.”  Then I began to think….. Slavery getting into the Israelites was a 400 year process … Continue readingHidden Manna

Abiding Above

This recent word from the Lord was so beautiful and so encouraging, I wanted to share it with you: “The ‘school’ of this season is learning to stay above this natural, earthly realm and all its lures and distractions.  This season is about getting acquainted … Continue readingAbiding Above

Our Freedom

We are given freedom in Christ – not for ourselves, but so that we can be His bondservants, ones who voluntarily choose to serve and honor Him (I Peter 2:16, Romans 6:18-22, Galatians 5: & 13). We are free from sin so that we can … Continue readingOur Freedom