I saw a little girl playing hopscotch. (According to A to Z Dream Symbology Dictionary, hopscotch is: A need to get balanced; jumping from one thing to another without finishing the task at hand; playful immaturity; trying to get ahead in life while childishly throwing … Continue readingBalance

The DNA of Love

I am traveling within a strand of DNA made of purple, pink, orange, and yellow lights. I ask, “What does this mean?” In response, I hear the Lord saying, “I am taking you back into the very beginning. The beginning of who you are. I … Continue readingThe DNA of Love

Face To Face

Live, spontaneous worship from All Things Restored! A passionate cry to see Him face to face and to know the secrets of His heart…. Edited and Mixed by Todd Luschen Vocals:  Kiel Burns, Virginia Killingsworth Drums:  Andrey Novik Electric Guitar:  Todd Luschen Acoustic Guitar:  Tyler … Continue readingFace To Face

In Love

What does it mean to be in love? When you are in love, you have shifted, changed location and find your new abode in The Most High God. This is where you heart and intentions for a person align with God’s heart and intentions for … Continue readingIn Love