The Veil Was Torn

When Adam and Eve sinned, mankind fell from spiritual dimensions and became subject to a very limited 3-dimensional reality and the constraints of time.  Death claimed body, soul and spirit, and we were separated from God.  When we are “born again,” our spirits are literally … Continue readingThe Veil Was Torn

Come Home

During worship, a portal opened up, and, just as Jacob experienced in Genesis 28, we saw angels going up and coming down.  They were angels who have been sent to help us in our God-given assignment, and they were coming back from the heavenly realm, … Continue readingCome Home

War Room Strategy

The Lord has been pouring out powerful and timely revelation, showing us how to be His victorious Bride!  He is showing us in very practical ways that the principalities and powers against which we wrestle (Ephesians 6:12) are craftily seeking to find a place of … Continue readingWar Room Strategy